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The first step:
an accessible mind

Can you imagine a world in which every country, city, and establishment is accessible for everyone? We can too, but before we get there we need to change our mindset, and that means changing the way we look at accessibility.

Our mission is to build a society that benefits everyone, no matter what their surroundings are like. ACCAC makes the world accessible for everyone by offering a variety of services and opportunities to businesses, event organisers, and artists around the world.

Work with us

We want to be your accessibility research and consultation partner. We assist organisations, events and service providers. We also serve as an intermediary for accessibility and healthcare innovations. From local to global - an ACCAC event partnership comes to you, no matter where you are!

The Movement

We are a growing global network of professionals and like-minded individuals who want to make the world more accessible for everyone. Join us and express your desire for change through art and culture.


ACCAC arranges meetings, congresses, and festivals that celebrate our planet's diverse culture. We offer a network in which you can experiment with new ideas in practice, as well as exchange information about different areas of accessibility and diversity.

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