Photostream of ACCAC activities globally from 2015 onwards.

What is ACCAC?

ACCAC is an acronym for Accessible Art and Culture.

ACCAC Global is a growing international network and community that promotes accessibility, inclusion and equity. The ACCAC network use culture and art methods to raise awareness and increase opportunities for everyone to participate.

ACCAC Members in Algeria, Cameroon, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece,  Japan, South Korea, Morocco, Nepal and Tanzania promote this common mission by implementing ACCAC events, seminars, workshops and training in cooperation with the ACCAC Global network.

We join and initiate various projects in Finland, Europe and globally to raise awareness, inclusion and diversity.

Our Activity


We join and initiate various international projects which promote equality and use culture and art methods to raise awareness. Our projects share knowledge on best practices and builds a global community of professionals in the field of accessibility.

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ACCAC arranges meetings, congresses, and festivals that celebrate our planet's diverse culture. We offer a network in which you can experiment with new ideas in practice, as well as exchange information about different areas of accessibility and diversity.

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