Welcome ACCAC Cameroon

The ACCAC network is growing rapidly. It seems that promoting inclusion and equality of all people is becoming an even more important value now when our entire global community is learning the new normal.

Culture and art allow us to share our feelings and make us visible. It is important to identify the obstacles to real equality to make a change. We are on a marathon, but let’s move on with an accessible mind.

Beginning of August was a special time for us – we announced ACCAC Cameroon as the newest addition to our network!

Welcome Tchina Ndjidda and Rodrigue Obam. It has been inspiring to start working with you!

The hand that gives, receives

Cie Tchina, in its drive to popularize and propagate creative dance in the East-Cameroon region for 4 days in order to share workshops with the young people of this locality.

Tchina will therefore share his techniques; creation processes and its creative approach to all participants in order to give them the tools and material that leads to the dance of creation.

The workshops are a continuation of the effort to build a cornerstone for the socio-cultural development of Cameroon through the artistic activities he carries out throughout the region.


Mission_Mission has been a long term project. Since last spring Mission_Mission has organised dance workshops, seminar sessions and competitions with various titles.

On September 4th will take place the next Artist and Cultural Day by #Mission_Mission. One of the activities will be the #Freestyle_Allstyle section and the various urban dance competitions like popping, afro dance, hip hop and break dance.

All the dancers from the city of Yaoundé and other cities are invited to take part, not only for a new experience and a sharing of artistic energies but also for many prizes to be won.

Stay safe and healthy
ACCAC Global team

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