Everyone’s Festival

Everyone’s Festival is a unique pilot project supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture Finland and implemented by ACCAC Global. It addresses the issue of achieving inclusion and equality at festivals – also for the performers. The goal is to increase the recognition and visibility of festivals and events that enhance non-discrimination and set an example for equality.

We make it as easy as possible for events and festivals to participate in the project by maintaining an artist roster that already includes an unprecedented range of inclusive art, disabled art and accessible art representatives from Finland and around the world.

Developing accessibility benefits the event organiser in many ways. It improves customer service at the event and also provides more possibilities to reach new visitors. Promoting accessibility and diversity also increases the societal credibility and appeal of an event.

Everyone has the right to experience, produce and see culture!

What is Everyone’s Festival?

Everyone’s Festival is a pilot project that aims to expand the repertoire at festivals, make festival organisers aware of the special needs of groups and help them take these needs into consideration.

Everyone’s Festival strives to open doors for performers who otherwise have difficulty finding a stage for their performances. Everyone’s Festival assists with producing materials and maintaining contact with the event organiser

Everyone’s Festival:

Challenges festivals to expand their repertoire and develop equality at events.

Provides support with regard to taking the special needs of performers into consideration and implementing accessibility.

Improves accessibility in the Finnish event field and opens doors internationally.