YES WE ARE IN (2018-2021)

Erasmus+K2 (October 2018 – March 2021)
Applicant Organisation: GEMEENSCHAPSCENTRUM DE ZEYP (Belgium)

Partner Organisations: UNIVERSITY OF WOLVERHAMPTON (England, UK), University of Atypical (Northern Ireland, UK), ACCAC Global (Finland) & CENTAR ZA KULTURU TREŠNJEVKA (Croatia), Mediaraven (Belgium)

Digital literacy and the skills to work with social media are becoming basic elements in daily life. More than 30% of disabled adults – compared with 11% of non-disabled adults – have never used the internet. “Yes we are in” aims to strengthen the self-confidence of people with disabilities by giving them opportunities in the digital world, and in working together creatively across cultures.
In this project, five theatre groups with adult actors with intellectual disabilities will experiment in the digital world. Culture can integrate and include people who have special needs in our society. Ensuring and encouraging access to the arts for people with special needs benefits us as we can tap into the creativity of all people, including artists and citizens with special needs themselves.

“Yes we are in” deals with artistic work with groups with intellectual impairment. It aims to improve three skills: social communication, language and digital. This will lead to increased self-esteem and more social inclusion. The main objectives the theatre groups will address are:
1. A digital adventure, experiment and learning path
2. A substantive intercultural trajectory
3. An artistic trajectory

“Yes We Are In” will showcase innovative practices and promote cooperation, peer learning and exchanges of experience at European level.

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