The first step: an accessible mind

Can you imagine a world in which every country, city, and establishment is accessible for everyone? We can too, but before we get there we need to change our mindset, and that means changing the way we look at accessibility.

Our dream is to have a society that benefits everyone, no matter what their premises are. ACCAC makes the world accessible for everyone by offering a variety of services and opportunities to businesses, event organisers, and artists around the world.

Our mission is to:

  • Make the world more accessible for everyone
  • Disseminate information
  • Develop international co-operation
  • Promote the expression of views through art and culture
  • Bridge the gap between the non-disabled and disabled
  • Encourage the exchange of art training internationally

The second step: join the movement.

How can we make the world accessible?

Through a network of international accessibility professionals.

Some cities might be accessible to everyone, but the attitude within the population might be less open-minded. We can change attitudes change by sharing knowledge and information.

Through amazing inclusive art experiences.

ACCAC thrives on providing new possibilities for disabled artists and inclusive groups. Read more about our artists.

Through international events and media.

In order to learn, people need to hear, see, and experience. ACCAC brings people together to discuss and solve shared challenges. Join us and change the world for the better.

Through innovative solutions and ideas.

We raise awareness of accessibility solutions that come from all around the world. We also spread best practices via the ACCAC network and events.