Call for Interest: European Toolkit for Inclusive Digital Design

ACCAC is looking for partners to create an open Toolkit for Inclusive Digital Design. We want to initiate a collective of creatives, innovators, users, professionals and regulators. This collective will rethink the digital experience through pilot projects with bold organisations ready to re-create their websites and services, or parts of them.

Accessible Arts and Culture will lead this project in 4 phases:

  1. Call for Interest to find partners and raise interest towards the project
  2. Create a steering group, raise funding and find pilot projects
  3. Execution of pilot projects and documenting the process
  4. Open a toolkit of innovative methods for everyone to use and raise awareness

What are we looking for?

  • Designers
  • Coders
  • Innovators
  • Disability organisations
  • Regulators
  • Organising partners
  • Interested individuals

If you are interested in joining us, please fill in the form below by 30 September 2021.

For more information, contact:
Sasu Paakkunainen
Co-Founder of ACCAC Global
Board Member at ACCAC Finland

First New European Bauhaus event at the virtual ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival

We are excited to announce our first New European Bauhaus seminar “Online Discussions on Inclusion and Aesthetics”! Seminar takes place on Thursday August 26 at 14:00 (EEST) in the ACCAC Finland website.

We have gathered speakers from the top of European innovation, research and talent. The presentations and discussions focus on accessibility in the digital and physical environment done beautifully, sustainably and together.

We welcome decision-makers, researchers, architects, designers, urban planners, entrepreneurs and everyone interested in the discussion. ACCAC Finland was selected as a partner of the New European Bauhaus this year. New European Bauhaus is an initiative shaping more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive forms of living together in Europe.

These discussions are aimed to kindle new transdisciplinary collaborations and pilot projects to achieve this goal!

Read more about the seminar in our new “Online Discussions” -section.

ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival in August brings together interesting performers and speakers from all over the world

ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival takes place from 25th to 29th of August 2021 in Tampere, Finland. The organizer ACCAC Finland is creating an accessible event for everyone. The programme includes music and dance performances, movies, culture market, art exhibition, special eSports world championship tournament and various professional seminars.

The main stage for the event is in Pakkahuone, Tampere, with different virtual elements. Parts of the programme will also be streamed out for the international audience. Making the event hybrid allows the event’s programme to stay versatile and bring people together, regardless of possible travel restrictions.

ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival promotes diversity and equality. “Every single visitor and performer should feel welcome, just as they are”, emphasizes Kirsi Mustalahti, the founder of ACCAC network.

Tampere-based ACCAC Finland also celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year. Acknowledging that many services in the field of culture, art and events are not equal to all is what drives the association forward. Ignorance often creates situations that strengthen inequality and discrimination. The mission of the association is a world possible for everyone, and this is also the core value of ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival.

In 10 years the Accessible Arts and Culture network (ACCAC) has grown to run in over 12 countries around the world, and the network keeps on growing. Various restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the value of equality and accessibility even more.

Tampere, the capital of equality

Tampere, the birth city of the ACCAC network, invests in systematic work towards equality and equality is also the leading theme in Tampere and Pirkanmaa region’s application for the European Capital of Culture 2026. The project promotes wellbeing, quality of life and equality through culture. The ACCAC network proudly supports Tampere region with its pursuit towards equality!

Read more
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ACCAC Social Media Project to support Tampere to be the European Capital of Culture 2026

Dear ACCAC Members, Artists, Professionals and Friends

ACCAC hometown Tampere and Tampere Region are together applying to become the European Capital of Culture 2026 to be able to promote what is most important to us: The People. We want to work towards equality and utilize Culture as our engine for change.

It would be so great and important if you would give us support and your time in TampereRegion way to win the title. We want to show the panel members who makes the decision, that equality and everyones right for culture and art is important value also to our networks, partners and artits globally.

ACCAC Finland wish You to take part in TampereRegion 2026 social media project. Please make your own country and region visible in Tampere already before ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival in August.

The deadline to participate in this project is February 19.

Participation has ended. Now we can enjoy the outcome!

Save the new dates to participate in ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival

ACCAC Finland and our main partner (the City of Tampere) have made the responsible decision to postpone the ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival scheduled for this autumn by one year.

The Festival will take place in Tampere, Finland between 23-29 August 2021.

The reason for this decision is the COVID-19 virus and resulting uncertainty about the near future and how our global community will manage the situation. At a time when people’s movements are being restricted for health reasons, we cannot prepare to welcome participants from more than 20 countries and every continent. The health and safety of people is our most important value.

Now our focus is to ensure that ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival`s amazing programme takes place one year later – after the world has recovered from this crisis and coronavirus is under control.

Here at the ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival we’re going to focus on making every participant and performer feel welcome just the way they are. Customer service that is diverse and respects everyone is important to us, We will also ensure that all of our event staff and volunteers are trained, aware of our values, and committed to implementing them with a friendly and open
attitude. we are certain that every participant will feel safe at the discrimination-free ACCAC Culture 2.0 Festival.

We’re building an environment in which the diverse colours of cultures can shine bright, good experiences can build new bridges to the future, and art and culture can improve the global atmosphere.

Hope to see you in Tampere next year.

We wish you the best of health!

ACCAC Finland Team
phone: +358 45 269 7869